Game recap KC vs Minn Game 12

Trader Jack-It’s always good to steal a game every once and awhile.  Today’s game was won with 2 three run homers with two outs.  I haven’t found the stats to back it up, but that isn’t something that happens that often so you should win the game.  Since the pitching staff gave up eight walks and the defense had a couple of errors and other missed opportunities, the Royals have to consider themselves fortunate to pick up this W.

Luke Hochevar may have qualified for a quality start, but he struggled throughout his six innings.  This game is either a game in the right direction in his development or a step towards the Mad Hatter Hocheavar, who could be counted on to do anything.

The infield defense did no favors for Hochevar either.  When you can say that Albert Callaspo was the best defensive infielder in this game shows the problems that await Hochevar when they perform badly.  The 3rd inning was especially interesting because Alex Gordon and Yuniesky Betancourt made it tough for both Hochevar and Billy Butler.  Butler was tortured three times this inning for average to above average plays and failed to deliver.  As good as the Royals are defensively in the outfield, that’s how bad are they on the infield.

Jose Guillen shocked the world by stealing third and Alberto Callaspo hit 2 three run bombs to carry the offense.  Callaspo is a greater value at second than at third and I wouldn’t mind seeing him at second a lot more.  With the injury to Chris Getz, this might make this position interesting.

And Soria remembered how to close a game.  It’s nice to know that the Royals get to the 8th or 9th, the game is over.  Hopwefully we’ll get there more this week vs Toronto.


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