KC at Minnesota Game 11

Trader Jack– Well, John Parrish picked the wrong time to give up his first hit of the season.  Coming in after a shaky start from Gill Meche, Orlando Hudson took Parrish deep leading off the 7th for the first hit against Parrish this season.

Of course this game marked the return of Alberto Callaspo,  Alex Gordon to the roster and Rick Ankiel to the home run.  Callaspo was solid at the plate and adventurous in the field.  Callaspo turned a couple of double plays and didn’t lose an out on either.

Gordon got an AB and took a walk.  Maybe he knows there is competition for his position, Gordon’ll be more focused and productive.

Rick Ankiel has been a pleasant surprise.  Ankiel is playing hard, both in the field and at the plate.  Once again, if he holds up, he’ll take the ridiculously low record of 36 dingers for a single season.

Gil Meche struggled again, giving 5 runs in one inning.  Frankly he’s pitching like Luke Hochevar has in the past and now Hochevar is filling the Meche role.  Now Meche need to come around so there will be trade value for him later this season.

*side note, I was joking that the Royals might make it to Tax day (April 15) before falling out of contention.  If the Royals  are swept tomorrow, they will be 5.5 games out already.  They made it past Tax Day, but Earth day could find them eliminated.

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